the NDOI story

NDOI is simply a free, easy search to get your question answered or to learn about any licensed insurance professional in America.

NDOI (pronounced N-doy) was started by a group of friends (some in insurance, others in technology) who believed it was time for America's insurance community to come together online, all in one place, to better serve consumer insurance needs.

The idea came to life at lunch one day sitting in a food court. Ten restaurants standing side by side competing for lunch orders. If "normal" competition is about eliminating the competition, the food court seems to be about bringing competitors together. And it makes sense. Who goes to the food court? Hungry people. Ten restaurants will satisfy a higher percentage of the group than a single restaurant ever could.

Fast forward a few years and NDOI (National Directory Of Insurance) has become the virtual insurance version of the food court. People come to NDOI because they need something or someone in insurance.

With access to over a million insurance professionals nationally online, we believe you'll benefit from the easy access and wide variety...just like a successful food court.

NDOI does not sell insurance or have a direct affiliation with any particular insurance company, agency or network of insurance agents.

A Simple Search with Benefits
  • Fast, easy online insurance expertise
  • You, the consumer, control the process
  • Anonymous unless you decide otherwise
  • A one stop shop for all types of insurance
  • Local or national results